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About Us

New Era Gems started with a small pocket-full of funds and a hugely passionate dream!


Steve Ulatowski took a leap of faith and flew to Africa for the first time 40 years ago to collect his first gemstone lot. That act of courage, along with sweat and tears, good times and bad – is what has brought New Era Gems to grow to what it is today! 


New Era Gems has been trusted for over 40 years to be the top supplier of Precious, Semi-Precious, Rough, Crystals and Mineral Specimens from around the world.

The New Era Gems team travels the globe every year to a multitude of gem shows where you can come and meet us in person! You can keep up with where we are heading next and what new material our owner, Steve Ulatowski, has found for you by subscribing to our newsletter HERE and by following us on Instagram @NewEraGems

So, please feel free to continue to explore Steve’s travels and new finds brought right to your front door!


We will be attending the Munich Gem & Mineral Show in Germany 10/22/21 - 10/24/21. Shipping out orders during this time may take longer than usual.