This iron aluminum Garnet, also called Almandine, comes from the Nambunju Mine in the Linde District of Tanzania. The name Almandine comes from the Anatolian City of Alabanda, where the stones were cut in ancient times. Throughout history Almandite has been used abundantly in ornamentation. In the Cabinet of Medals, the Chosroes bowl, a sixth century piece, includes engraved disks of Almandite Garnet. Almandite is the hardest, and thus the most durable of all the Garnets, with a hardness of 7.5. It is also one of the brightest gems, possessing a refractive index of 1.77 to 1.83.


Jumbo Rose Almandite Garnet

  • Very large, select pieces of Rose Almandite Garnet from 10 to 32 cts. each. These will cut from 8x10 mm to 12x14 mm gems. Classic red/orange color.