Mahenge Garnets come in a Rainbow of colors, from bright rich Raspberry, to Peachy Pink, and even some amazing Subtle Salmon Colors, with  the variety of  colors being virtually  endless. 

There has to be something very magical about the soil that these wonderful new Mahenge Garnets are found, as the dispersion that these gems show when cut in incredible. Tests have shown these to be a type Pyralspite Garnet, a mix of Pyrope, Almandite, and Spessartite. Some pieces even have small traces of Grossular Garnet also. The refractive index has tested out at 1.76 to 1.77. 

These fabulous gems are found in several remote alluvial mining operations, in the Ulanga district, Morogoro Region, in Tanzania. The rush has been on, to find these fine gems, and there certainly seems to be a sort of "Gold Rush" happening there now. From the reports we have heard, the population has nearly doubled since the discov