Early morning sunrise walk, is always the best way to start the day. Then a 2 hour drive thru the back roads from Arusha, to Nadonjukin. Nadonjukin is a small village in Simanjiro, Tanzania, with the actual mine being located about 14 kilometers from the village. With all of our papers in order, we knew it would be a great trip, pretty much, for Africa, worry free. 

The story that we have now heard, about the mine, is that it was first mined in 1997. However, there was so little production, that the mine was just abandoned. Recently,in late August 2016, the miner, they call "Commander" decided to explore this mine once again. Good luck came to him, as he hit a pocket of about 5 kilos of mine run material. Unfortunately for the mineral collectors, a lot of the best pieces were broken up for the highly valued facet grade rough.

The first and second pocket, fortunately, was in a relatively soft clay, so many of the crystals were preserved undamaged. And, fortunately, the miner was told not to break up any more of the crystals, as they could get just as much from the specimens as the rough. The next pocket from what I can gather, produced a 3 kilo beautiful lot of crystals, that had been preserved for their crystal form. We were fortunate in being able to secure most of the second pocket.

On our arrival, my partner in this, showed me my first lot of these crystals. I knew that this is something so unique, that I had to get as many of these as possible. And we have. We are pleased that we have secured a good portion of the production, and we are actively purchasing all the good crystals we can obtain. As we saw at the mines, they seem to be hitting the hard rock now, the soft clay production seems to have run out. What this means, is that the crystals will no longer be coming out undamaged, as removing them from the hard rock inevitably will damage the crystals. We suspect we will still see production of good facet rough, but whether this is a one time production of crystals or not, that we cannot know. Are we going to go so far as to predict the future. Not me! What we do know, is that this is one beautiful and unique tourmaline find. The "Commander Mine" tourmaline from Nadonjukin Tanzania 2016!

This material has not been treated.


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  • Weight: 45.29 CTS. Measures: 35x12x11mm Location: Nadonjukin, Tanzania