This amazing material comes from a recent find of Dravite from a Danburite mine near Namalulu, Tanzania that was mined just a few months ago. The tourmaline mineral group is chemically one of the most complicated groups of silicate minerals. It is a complex silicate of aluminum and boron, but because of isomorphous replacement (solid solution), its composition varies widely with sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, lithium and other elements entering into the structure.  Quite a lot of these new tourmalines have holmquistite inclusions which usually show up as fine white fibers or as bands before the drastic color change from brown to colorless in the crystals.

The termination of this crystal is etched and has become a multitude of smaller singular terminations. A band of holmquistite bridges the gap between the dark dravite portion and almost colorless cap of the crystal.  One also notices the several small darker crystals resting at odd angles inside the forest of small terminations

Namalulu Tourmaline 530.25 CTS.

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  • 530.25 cts 57 x 29 x 21 mm

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